Pilgrim, runner and TyMove coach. I am a trained businessman and technician and have several training courses in Far Eastern martial arts, hypnosis, mediality and self-regulation.
An inner urge has always led me to want to explore my limits, which has led me to all kinds of risky ventures. Health setbacks, injuries and limitations have always forced me to go the other way, until I realize that everyone is responsible for themselves, their lives and their health and that healing can only ever happen in everyone.
My path to me and a real transformation started with this changed perception of myself, my environment and the realization that we are always connected to everything and that everyone can achieve everything if they become aware of their potential.
I would like to pass on the experiences from my transformation with love and gratitude.

I will help you ...

  • how to bring more movement into your life.

  • how you live healthy and happy.

  • how you can create your perfect "I".

  • How to learn to cleanse your body through breathing techniques.

  • how to kindle the inner fire within you.

  • How to strengthen the healing process after an injury or illness.

  • How to get moving again after a long break.

  • how to activate your self-healing powers.

I'm Harald


I firmly believe

that every human being can only change himself.
that change begins with self-acceptance and love for oneself.
that love is the strongest power in our body, and that healing comes about only through that power.
that every person with the right attitude can achieve anything if he really wants it.
that the body follows the mind and consequently the mind shapes the body.
that the human body is a holy temple.
that every person needs the sound of silence to connect with everything.
that breathing is the bridge to soul.
that there is always one person who is worse off than myself.
that we humans should be more courageous.

I am Linda

My name is Linda, I am a trained druggist and have completed several training in mediality and energetic healing and I am a LuJong teacher, health and vitality is an important part of my life. I have been teaching seminars in mindfulness,mediality and energetic healing for 14 years.In my practice, I advise clients with psychosomatic illnesses to solve with PSE, (psychosomatic energetics) unconscious blockages and to bring the body back to its original power.In addition, I teach Lu Jong. Lu Jong literally means body training, freely translated body transformation or body tightening, and is a very old Tibetan home yoga, some exercises are more than 8,000 years old. The exercises are good for your health, body and mind.When the body is relaxed,

the mind follows. If the mind holds, then the body is tense, In the years of my work, I have been increasingly shown that the teachings of inner peace and quiet, as well as the movement and stretching of the body can not be separated. My claim is to show everyone his real potential.
That everyone with the philosophy of joy and love in the heart, with a smiling face in a vital body, with a healthy and calm mind is much more than the individual can currently imagine. Everyone carries all knowledge and all possibilities in themselves. This truth is quite simple.
TyMove combines all of these possibilities and has a holistic approach, showing in ease and simplicity how to get into transformation or how to just open the door to your feelings and achieve self-healing.
You will enjoy it when you experience and feel how light and healthy your body feels, when you move it in the right place and in the right mindset and you eat the foods that are good for you. You will feel the lightness in the body and mind.

Linda firmly believe

  • that everyone can only heal themselves!

  • that unconscious blockages can be solved at any time!

  • that we should all recognize our real potential!

  • that where we lead the consciousness a new reality arises!

  • that we are always in the right place at the right time!

  • That where love is courage and where there is courage is no place for fear

  • that psychosomatic complaints do not have to be and can be cured!

  • that with sufficient and proper movement and in the right environment body spirit and soul find each other, healing happen and everyone can feel free!