TyMove, the online and active transformation program!

  • The program lasts 12 months and 1 day. You can start the program at any time. The start is continuous

  • You get all the necessary exercises and the instructions online and offline!

  • You then practice 3 months with online instruction and send yours regularly exercises via video.

  • We support you online with video analysis and live analysis via Skype, Zoom, messenger or telephone.

  • Inquiries via e-mail will be answered between 24 and 48 hours.

  • After the three month online self-guided study takes place in each level

  • a 2 or 3 day TyMove workshop will be held in central locations in CH, A and D.

  • In these, the topics are deepened and practiced.

  • 4 weeks before you will receive an invitation to the workshops.

The TyMove program contains 4 stages of transformation:

A long journey begins with the first step

  • TyMove, the benefit!

  • Explanation of the course and the workshops!

  • Preparation body, mind and soul

  • breathing technique

  • Walking, running technique in theory and practice


The Inner Smile and the Fire of Love

  • The inner smile!

  • Tao yoga part

  • Trance self-regulation (activate self-healing power)

  • Make energy felt

  • The 5 Elements Exercises from the Tibetan Hey Yoga (Bön Tradition)!

The regular price for transformation program is

Joy, self-esteem and free from fear

  • Tao Yoga Part II

  • nutrition

  • The sound of silence

  • The energy cycle

  • Energy management in peace and motion


Only birds can fly!

  • Tao Yoga Part 3

  • he sound of silence

  • Ground, align and connect!

  • Cleaning and activation exercise

  • Trance Technique, Hardening (Fire, Water)

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