About TyMove,

To practice TyMove requires a thorough physical and mental preparation. At the TyMove seminars and workshops you will be personally instructed by Harald Schneider and introduced to the topic. You learn different techniques, exercises and basics around the topics of posture, exercise, breathing, nutrition and positive attitude to life / philosophy of life.TyMove offers individual lessons as well as group workshops. In Switzerland and also in Germany. Furthermore, TyMove organizes various seminars, which are connected with small to larger trips. To find out more you can always contact us.

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TyMove - Philosophy

TyMove is a holistic approach that connects the body, mind and soul of a person with the universe so that the burden of life can be carried more easily. TyMove is a relaxing, meditative running and walking movement. TyMove makes you healthy and happy. TyMove is an essence of Heillyoga, Russian information medicine and Western medicine. TyMove is philosophy, love of nature, wisdom and medicine. The highest maxim is human health and happiness to be at peace with yourself and the world. TyMove is the                art of floating through life with love in your heart and a smile on your face. TyMove is a life principle, a decision!